Create, automate and manage staff scheduling!

Rooster Planner is the ultimate tool for forecasting, automatic scheduling, hour logging and reporting

Your entire staff schedule at a glance.

All employees log in to their personal dashboard where they can find their own schedule for the coming weeks, request changes, exchange shifts or request time off. In addition, the employee can view the complete work schedule to see who else is present and to which tasks colleagues are assigned.

More time left for important things

Are staff scheduling, forecasting and  time registration taking up too much time?
Then start today with Rooster Planner. Your smart scheduling tool!


Stop wasting time puzzling over complicated scheduling needs and preferences. Rooster Planner creates, optimises and advises on the best schedule.


Gain insight into future staffing needs through our advanced technologies, ensuring you always deliver the highest quality of service.

Reporting & Support

Rooster Planner helps you manage your time smartly. Easily run reports and link to external systems via our API. We develop with you!

Automated scheduling


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Reporting & Support


Integrate Rooster Planner into your application landscape for automated data processing. Through our collaboration with various omnichannel suppliers, forecasting becomes effortless.

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Dozens of companies already see Rooster Planner as a worthy employee.

Want to know how much time you can save by working with Rooster Planner? We are happy to show you in a free demo. We ask for fifteen minutes of your time and promise a lot of saved hours by working with Rooster Planner.