Scheduling made easy

We have first hand experience of companies struggling to set up their schedules in complicated excel files.
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Rooster Planner is designed to make your job easier

From our own experience, we saw that many organisations get stuck with setting up their staff schedules easily and quickly. We observed many complicated excel sheets and managers who would rather spend their time on something else. Also, currently available tools are often unnecessarily complicated and can be high in cost. That’s when we thought: this can be easier! From that point, we started Rooster Planner.

Smart software

Rooster Planner thinks with you by suggesting solutions to bottlenecks in your schedule


Rooster Planner is easy to use at a very realistic price. New features are always possible


Save many hours in the week by using our standard templates and free up time for other things

Easy to use

The simple look and use of bright colours make it easy to create a clear overview.

Lars van Maanen

Sales & Marketing

“My goal is to introduce as many customers as possible to Rooster Planner!”
With several years of experience developing IT solutions, I am convinced that with Rooster
Planner we have a great tool to help companies with their scheduling challenges.

Lodewijck Vogelzang


“My colleagues can confidently introduce Rooster Planner to our customers, because I make sure
that the product is continuously developed and everything works as it should.”
My enthusiasm for software hobby projects led me to study Computer Science in Delft. After 2
masters abroad and years of professional experience, I have now become the lead developer of
Rooster Planner.

Mike Spits

Operations & Implementations

“Making sure that new and existing clients know exactly what Rooster Planner can do for them
and thinking along about new features and possibilities, makes me start my day with a smile everyday.”
After obtaining my MSc, I have spent the last few years at different employers in the field of IT,
software development and consultancy. With this knowledge, I now enjoy helping our clients with
everything related to Rooster Planner and our operation. I make sure everyone is up and running.

They already scheduling with us

Our timeline

Get more control and insight into your staff scheduling and timekeeping by using Rooster Planner’s smart software. Discover what it can do for you.
Phase 1 - Digitising
Phase 2 - Automate
Phase 3 - Adding intelligence


We started by importing a complete schedule from Excel into a cloud environment. With this, we made it possible for employees to see their own schedule online at a glance. They already have their own dashboard with their personal data.


After moving that schedule to the cloud, the automation begins. We wanted Rooster Planner to take over the generation of the schedule and automate all additional changes right away. The system will generate a draft schedule based on the available employees, the tasks to be performed and the minimum occupancy. So instead of manually scheduling everyone, you let the system generate it for you.

Adding intelligence

The next step was all about making Rooster Planner smarter. When minimum occupancy is not met, the manager receives a notification. Employees who leave the company, are sick or on leave must be replaced by available colleagues. Based on skills and availability, these employees are suggested as replacements. At the push of a button, the schedule is up-to-date again. This way, we keep developing the system continuously and all customer requirements are easily negotiable.

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