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Don’t waste your time on complicated excel sheets but efficiently organise your staffing. We provide automated, standardised and intelligent scheduling.

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With the help of Rooster Planner, creating, automating and managing your staff schedules becomes a lot easier. With the app you can easily generate schedules automatically and adjust them to your needs. Use one of the standard templates or import your excel sheet and build the schedule yourself. Employees log in to their personal account and have access to their schedule, modifications and holidays. Set your desired minimum occupation by default and you will receive an alert when a staff shortage occurs.

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Create, automate and manage your employee schedules with Rooster Planner. The tool for easy generation of schedules, registration of hours and insights. Check out all the features and experience it yourself!
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Get more control and insight into your staff scheduling and timemanagement by using Rooster Planner’s smart software. Discover what it can do for you.


A schedule change or leave request is easily arranged

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Rooster Planner provides its own solutions


You provide the framework, Rooster Planner does the rest

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Scheduling, timemanagement and administration. Everything with one app


Integrate with Unexus or other tools possible

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Easily run reports and discover bottlenecks


70 employees in 1 app

We are content with the choice for Rooster Planner. Why? It is a practical and affordable tool. Adjustments to the application can be discussed and, if possible, will be realised short term. This creates a Rooster Planner that is increasingly in line with Alwel's wishes.
Anita Monden

A real efficiency boost!

From countless Excel sheets to a clear schedule. Rooster Planner is an efficient tool that allows me to make optimal use of the staff planning of our customer contact department. At a glance I can check whether the occupation is good and where I might have to adjust. The tool is easy to use and can be used as needed.
Mathilde Koniuszek

Fully automated

Thanks to Rooster Planner we have an automated yet simple and clear planning. Leave requests and shift changes are all included in this. Within a week we started using Rooster Planner.
Matthijs Spits

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