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A real efficiency boost!

From countless Excel sheets to a clear schedule. Rooster Planner is an efficient tool that allows me to make optimal use of the personnel planning of our contact centre. At a glance I can check whether the occupation is good and where I might have to adjust. The tool is easy to use and can be used as needed.
Mathilde Koniuszek

275 employees in 1 app

We are content with the choice for Rooster Planner. Why? It is a practical and affordable tool. Adjustments to the application can be discussed and, if possible, will be realised short term. This creates a Rooster Planner that is increasingly in line with Alwel's wishes.
Anita Monden

Fully automated

Thanks to Rooster Planner we have an automated yet simple and clear planning. Leave requests and shift changes are all included in this. Within a week we started using Rooster Planner.
Matthijs Spits

A real recommendation!

Rooster Planner works well. You work from a basic schedule, but can supplement the standard planning with tasks per day. The tasks vary for us each day because the workload constantly changes. Adjustments to the schedule are quick and easy to make. Processing leave requests is also very straightforward, making vacation planning quick to implement.
Simone V
Woonplus Schiedam

They already scheduling with us

Scheduling of employees

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